Splashtop Streamer version for Linux


Splashtop Streamer for Linux - v3.5.2.4 has released!


Compatible with Gateway v3.14.1 or higher.


What's new:

  • Support RedHat Enterprise Linux 9
  • Support Ubuntu 22.04
  • Support Enable lock screen functions
  • Support Request permission to connect functions
  • Support Check for update
  • Bug fix for copy-n-paste text not working issue 

Please upload the PKG Files to your Gateway Server:(DEB and RPM files are also available on Splashtop Gateway -> Management->Deployment->Download)

Ubuntu 16.0418.04, 20.04

  • Linux Streamer deb PKG File Download link
  • MD5: da764ba42e7abc8139218e00fb014b7d

Fedora 30-33, CentOS 8.x, 7.x, RHEL 8.x, 7.x.

  • Linux Streamer rpm PKG File Download link
  • MD5: eade29a4e7e6c5b88166213c858d1c64

Streamer Command-line Deployment How-to:

Please refer to the attachments

** Please note that Ubuntu Server is not officially supported at this time.** CentOS Network is off by default, please enable before installing*

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