I can't finish the installation for Streamer; it stops mid-way and no further response.

If an error occurs (or hang-up) during installation, you can try the following suggestions:

Windows Streamer:

  • If you get an error message immediately when executing the Installer file, it may have been corrupted during the last downloading.  Please re-download a new one and try again.

  • If you are using Windows XP, and get an error message like "Windows installer service could not be accessed," please follow the steps below to enable the Windows Installer service from the Control Panel: 
    1. Click the Start button, click Control Panel, then click Administrative Tools in "classic view"  — or, Performance and Maintenance and then Administrative Tools in "category view. "
    2. Click Services.  Find the service name "Windows Installer" and click that line so it's highlighted.  The Status column will be blank if the service is not currently running.
    3. If not running, there will be something like "Start the Service" on the left side of the screen — click it. That starts up the process on your system.
    4. Run the Splashtop Streamer installer again, and it should work!


  • It has been reported that the Kaspersky software running on Windows XP will block Splashtop Streamer installation.

  • If you have installed "Airfoil," the Splashtop Streamer installer will be blocked, and may hang while installing.  The solution is to un-install Airfoil, then install Splashtop Streamer again.  Or, add the Splashtop Streamer install.exe program to the "exclude" list under Airfoil's Automatic Hijack settings.  (Some users have reported that Airfoil also conflicts with DirectTV2PC's installer.)
  • One of our users informed us that he solved the installation error-1719 (on Win7 64-bits) by exiting out of the Comodo anti-virus application.  It has a built in "sandbox," which may be the cause.  Click here to view more detailed info about setting up.

  • If you get error code 1618, please try these steps to solve it.

    a.  Go to Task Manager.
    b.  Go to the Process tab.
    c.  Click on " Show all processes for all users." 
    d.  Find a SYSTEM process named mciexec and kill that process.  This should solve 
    the problem.

  • If you get error code 1152, this might be due to one of the following situations: 

    a.  There is not enough disk space on the hard drive to which files are being extracted. 
    b.  You don't have sufficient privileges to write files to TEMP file. 
    c.  The downloaded files may be corrupted.

    Based on the possibilities listed above, here are some suggested solutions: 
    1.  Download the Streamer again, from:  

    2.  Free up some disk space wherever possible on the C drive (where the Splashtop Streamer is installed).

    3.  Try to disable User Account Control (UAC) before installing.  Click on the following hyperlink to view an article about how to do this in Windows:  https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/disable-user-account-control-uac-the-easy-way-on-windows-vista/)

    4.  Right-click on the installer file, select Run As... from the menu, and then in the dialog box, choose to run as Administrator in order to execute the installation.

    For reference, you can also click on the hyperlink below to view an article that discusses a related error:  


  • Clean the Streamer completely using our CleanUpInstaller.exe tool, then restart your PC and re-install the latest Windows Streamer again.  (NOTE:  This tool is for Windows Streamer v1.5.0.2 or above.)

    1. Download the attached ZIP file to your local computer.
    2. Extract the CleanUpInstaller.exe file to your local computer from this ZIP file (you may need to have an Unzip utility/tool to do this, on your side).
    3. Double-click on the EXE file to execute it.  A confirmation message box will appear.  Click the Clean button.  It will then clean all files and keys of the Windows Streamer.

 Mac Streamer:

  • Finally, just a note that sometimes a message box may pop up, but for some unknown reason it's in the background.  This may cause some confusion and falsely give users the feeling that the installer is hung up.
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