How do I make sound work when connecting to a Windows XP system?

Some XP audio drivers don't support an audio-mixer feature.  That's the reason why the Streamer might not be able to stream audio to your tablet/phone.  Here are some suggestions for you to try if you don't know whether the XP audio driver supports an audio-mixer feature or not:

  • On Windows XP systems, in most cases, the Enable sound redirection checkbox in the Settings tab of the Streamer needs to be UN-checked (as shown in Figure 1 below) in order to enable sound to work on the tablet/phone.  So if the computer is muted (that is, if this checkbox is CHECKED), then the tablet/phone will not be able to play back any sound.

    However, this checkbox can still be checked in the event that the audio codec drivers do provide the capability to record audio output while muted.


Figure #1

  • The items available in the drop-down list will depend on your language setting and your audio driver.  If "Stereo Mix" is not available, please try options which would be similar.
  • You might also consider updating your audio driver on XP.
  • If you are using a Dell computer with a Sigmatel audio chip, please check the Dell support site for a driver update.
  • If you are using the Realtek HD audio driver for XP, this driver will automatically Mute the audio when Splashtop Streamer is connected!  Therefore, in order to get sound on your tablet, please make sure the following settings are correctly used:

1.  Verify that Realtek HD Audio Input-Stereo Mix is the selected audio device on the Splashtop Streamer, as shown in Figure #1 above; and 
2.  Confirm that the  Wave channel has been un-muted when connected, as shown below.


Figure #2

note.gif  NOTE:  If you still can't make sound work for your XP system, here is a special work-around trick for the no-sound issue on Windows XP.  You can loop back headphones out to the "audio-in-line" using an audio cable like this:  (i.e. on a notebook, plug in both jacks, for "headphone" and "microphone").


Please also remember to select "xxx Audio-line-in" in Splashtop Streamer Settings on the computer side, and UN-check the Enable sound redirection option (shown in Figure #1 above).

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