How do I make sound work when connecting to a Vista or Win7 system?

If your system is Vista or Win7, here are some suggestions for you to try:

  1. Launch the Sound settings from the Control Panel (Start > Control Panel > Sound).
  2. In the Playback tab, select Speakers and click on the Properties button.


  3. In the General tab of the Speakers Properties dialog, make sure the Device usage selection is set to Use this device (enable).


  4. In the Speakers Properties dialog, navigate to the Advanced tab and change the Default Format setting to either of the following:
    • 44100 Hz (CD Quality)   (recommended)
    • 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)


      note.gif  NOTE:  The quoted frequencies are the ones that are supported by Splashtop Remote.
  5. In the Playback tab, select Speakers and click on the Configure button. 


  6. Configure the Audio channels to Stereo or Stereo Mix and follow through with the remaining setup.


note.gif  NOTE:  Different sound card vendors may choose not to follow the Core Audio Interfaces by Microsoft.  Please check your audio device setup (both "Playback" and "Recording" configurations) and change their settings as stated above (Steps 1 - 6) to see if it might help.


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