Why do I only see part of my computer screen on my tablet/phone?

This normally occurs if you are using the Win7 Streamer.  Here are some suggestions you can try:


1.  Use the display option "Use computer's native display setting" on the tablet/phone.  To change the screen resolution option, tap the "options" icon to the right of the desired computer name in the list, then change the resolution as desired.



2.  If you are using the Aero theme, the "Custom DPI setting" option will be enabled.  Please check the current value and try to select different scaling sizes, i.e. 100%, 125%, or 150%, to see if there is any difference.


3.  If you are not using the Aero theme, the "Custom DPI setting" option will be disabled, but you can still try to change the scaling size to see if there is any difference.  Generally, 100% or 125% should be good for Splashtop Remote.




note.gif  NOTE:  You can verify whether or not you are using the Aero Theme via the Control Panel:

Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization

There will be 3 options (as below) and you will see which one you are using:

  • My themes
  • Aero themes
  • Basic and High Contrast themes
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