How can I prevent the icons on my computer's desktop from being re-arranged?

The first time the Splashtop app connects to your computer, it will use a display option of 1024 x 768 as the default option.  This default display option will automatically change the resolution of the remote computer to 1024 x 768 when connected, then change back to its original resolution when disconnected.  It will also re-arrange all icons on your remote computer's screen when connected, but after disconnecting the remote session it can't arrange the icons back to their original locations on the desktop.

If your computer's resolution is larger than 1024 x 768 (i.e. 1920 x 1080), and you don't want the Splashtop app to change the locations of the icons on the desktop, please use the option "Use computer's native display setting" as shown below.




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