Why is there only audio playback (no video) when I am watching a movie on my tablet/phone?

Certain codecs (mostly third-party codecs) use hardware overlay (or hardware acceleration) for video rendering.  This situation will result in Splashtop Streamer being unable to capture the desktop screen correctly through the Microsoft® Windows® screen-capture APIs.  In this case, you may try to change the setting of the codecs. 

For example:

  1. In Media Player Classic, enabling VMR-7 (renderless) or VMR-9 (renderless) in the Playback Output options should help.  See this topic:  https://wiki.digital-digest.com/index.php/Media_Player_Classic:_Hints_and_Tips for detailed information.
  2. In Media Player, Tools --> Performance tab --> Advanced button --> uncheck Use Overlays under Video Acceleration in ver9 (XP).  Or uncheck Use Overlays under DVD Video in ver11(Vista/Win7).
  3. In VLC player, go to Tools --> Preferences --> Video, and uncheck Accelerate Video Output.  Then restart VLC.
  4. In GOM player, press F5 to open the Setup window.  In Video/Output --> select VMR7 or VMR9.

Or, if you are using other media players, you may alternatively try to turn off Direct X™ rendering features, or disable hardware acceleration.

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