What nVidia GeForce optimization does the Splashtop app support?

We at Splashtop have optimized our products for users who have an nVIDIA GeForce graphics card in their computer and/or a Tegra 2 CPU in their tablet.  What this translates to is higher frame rates and lower lag time that will lead to a better experience for all remote desktop usages, especially multimedia.  Users will notice that their videos, movies, games, and other graphic-intensive content will be even more lag-free and smoother.


Hardware requirements:

  • GeForce 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 series notebook or desktop GPUs with at least 512MB FB
  • Currently does not support SLI or Optimus configurations

Driver / OS requirements:

  • Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit
  • NVIDIA driver 275.33 and later

Current Limitations:

  • Only supports single display configurations.
  • Will not re-direct protected content playback on the PC.
  • If you get a black screen by enabling this feature, please disable it to work around the issue. 


note.gif  Notes:

  • If SLI is enabled, this will conflict with GeForce optimization.  Please remember to disable SLI when GeForce optimization is enabled.
  • If SLI is enabled, this will prevent Splashtop THD from being able to play games/movies in Full-Screen mode.  Please disable SLI if you want to play games/movies in Full-Screen.
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