What if backup scheduler fails to work ?

This feature only applicable to Splashtop Center v2.3.10.x [coming soon] and above.


Splashtop Center backup capability lets you save the Splashtop Center database to an .SQL file, while user logs to excel files.  

Backup can take place immediately, or can be configured on recurrence schedule.   If you notice there is problem with your backup scheduler, please double check the settings.

How to setup a backup schedule?

Go to Settings tab/ Maintenance tab/Backup / Backup Later.


Click the "Backup Later" will pop up "Backup Schedules" window, then click "Create a task".



In "Create a task" box:

1. Please enter the name of the task

2. Please go to setup to define what data will be backed up.

3. Make sure how often is the recurrence you want to do the back up schedule.



Please keep this backup file in case you need to recover your settings someday, or as a precaution when upgrading Splashtop Center. We recommend that you back up regularly.

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