How to update or replace the bundled/hosted software in Splashtop Center ?

The Splashtop Streamer and the Spashtop client app for Windows and for Mac are bundled into every new release of Splashtop Center. Users are given a specific Splashtop Center URL, to download the newest Streamer and Client app, in their Invitation Email.

At his/her discretion, the IT Administrator can designate updated Mac or Windows-based versions for users to download via Splashtop Center, when they become available, as approved for use by their IT Department.

We at Splashtop Inc. will keep you informed of new Streamers when they become available. You can then download the .pkg file from our customer portal to a local folder on your server. Click the Modify button in the Software Update tab of Settings to open a “browse box” where you can navigate to and select the .pkg file of the new Streamer or client which you want to upload to Splashtop Center and replace the existing .pkg file.



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