Does Win/Mac Streamer/client installer support silent install/uninstall?

Yes.  The client app for Windows/Mac, and the Splashtop Streamer for Windows/Mac, supports silent installation and un-installation.  Please append the parameter as follows: 


Streamer v2.3.5.x and later:

  • Install: "Streamer.exe prevercheck /s /i"
  • Uninstall: "Streamer.exe msiexec /qn /x setup.msi"

Streamer v2.3.0.x and earlier:

  • Install: "Streamer.exe setup /s"
  • Uninstall: "Streamer.exe setup /s  /removeonly"


Silent install

For silent installation use a command following this formula:

Streamer v2.3.5.x and later:

Parameters (comma-separated, no spaces between commas):

  • sc : address for Splashtop Center
  • id : Splashtop ID / email address
  • pwd : password for Splashtop ID
  • autologin : agree to TOS (OOBE) automatically. (1: don't show OOBE, 0: show OOBE) when autologin = 1. ignoressl will also be set to 1 in SC mode Streamer
  • hidewindow: minimize Streamer window at first time launch after install (need to combine with autologin). (1: minimize Streamer, 0: show Streamer)
  • devname : "Computer Name" in Streamer settings tab.
    1. We will filter out invalid characters directly. (Max 64 characters. Name cannot contain <>;:""*+=|?,)
    2. Quotes ""are required around the computer name
    3. Does not support Character encoding (UTF8/unicode)
  • ignoressl : ignore certificate check for SC mode Streamer (1: ignore, 0: do not ignore)
  • reqsyspwd : require Windows password, only works in machine-base Streamer installs (1: require (default), 0: no need)
  • dcode : deployment code
  • confirm_d : confirm d code dialog box (1: need dialog)

Here is an example command for Streamer installation:

Streamer.exe prevercheck /s /i,,pwd=123456,autologin=1,hidewindow=1,devname="FrontDesk",ignoressl=1

Streamer v2.3.0.x and earlier:

Install  path\execution  file(.exe) setup /s

Here is an example command for Streamer installation:

D:\S4B_SRS\V2.2.0.1\ST_SCRS00_v2.2.0.1.EXE setup /s


Silent uninstall

For silent uninstallation, use the following command examples:

Streamer v2.3.5.x and later:

Streamer.exe msiexec /qn /x setup.msi

Streamer v2.3.0.x and earlier:

D:\S4B_SRS\V2.2.0.1\ST_SCRS00_v2.2.0.1.EXE setup /s /removeonly


NOTE:   For complete details and illustrations of the Streamer, please see our separate document entitled “Getting Started with the Splashtop Streamer.”  





  • Download/Get from attachment
  • Download/Get Streamer installer dmg file (support After v3.3.1.7)
  • Better to put the two files into the same folder, open Terminal
  • Execute command ./ to see the usage
Command arguments
Usage: [-i input streamer dmg file] [-z STE backend address] [-a splashtop account] [-u splashtop password] ...
-i : input streamer dmg file.
-k : input streamer pkg file.
-z : STE backend address.
-a : STE backend account.
-u : STE backend password.
-t : to skip install pkg or dmg, to re-config setting.
Silent install STE Streamer, login user with STE backend address.
sudo ./ -i InstallerFile.dmg -z "" -a "user_account" -u "1234qwer"
skipped install phase, to re-config setting, with deploy code: 123456789012 and computer name "New Computer".
$sudo ./ -d 123456789012 -n "New Computer" -t




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