How do I upgrade Splashtop Center?

Newer versions of Splashtop Center are periodically released.  If you have already installed Splashtop Center and want to upgrade to a newer version:


  1. We recommend that you perform a backup of the Splashtop Center settings using the Backup tab in Settings. Optionally, you may want to export your SSL certificate and Logs, in case of any upgrade issues.  However, please note that if your License Key has expired, you won’t be able to use the Backup function.  You can check the expiration date of your License Key in the License tab of Settings.
  2. Download the newest version of Splashtop Center.
  3. Install the newest version of Splashtop Center.  The upgrade process will start automatically.  All Splashtop Center settings will be retained after the upgrade.
  4. Perform any additional changes or configurations to Splashtop Center if desired.
  5. Start the Splashtop Center service (it does not start running automatically after updated).
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