What service(s) does Splashtop Center need to run normally?

There will be four main processes installed with the installation of Splashtop Center on your computer to keep Splashtop Center running normally.

  1. Splashtop Center Service
  2. Splashtop Center Health Service
  3. Splashtop Center Proxy service
  4. Splashtop Center Proxy Frontend Service

Splashtop Center is equipped with service health monitoring mechanism that will automatically force "restart" any services that are found hanging or abnormal.    If in the event health monitor can't resolve the issue,  you may do the following :

  • Hit the "Restart" button in Splashtop Center to restart Splashtop Center services
  • Or, Terminate Splashtop Center on your computer, then manually restart it. 
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