How many remote sessions are allowed by the RDP or RDS server?

If you have obtained our SplashApp/RDP Connector option, you will be able to see the RDS tab and RDP Desktop tab from Splashtop Center Web Portal (https:// <your Splashtop Center IP Address> /html/login.html) , shown in the illustration below.


The number of sessions is defined in RDS tab, this field is to define the number of concurrent remote access sessions allowed by the RDS server. If you attempt to enter an invalid number (that is, exceeding the limit), a message will pop up and inform you of such; for example, “The current maximum sessions allowed is 100. Please try again.”  Additionally, you may also need to check if there sufficient RDS CALs (client access license from Microsoft) for your RDS host.  Please refer to for details.



if you enable the "Fail to create RDS/RDP session due to License seat limit" from "Alert Setting", then you will receive an email whenever  RDS/RDP session required more seat than License seat limit.



If there is any problem with RDP/RDS sessions, you will get diagnostic code "0x00020703" when running Diagnostic tool.

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