How do I configure shared resources in Group?

The purpose of using groups is to facilitate shared access. Grouping gives the IT Administrator the ability to manage and grant access permissions of the groups to a selection of users.

The Groups tab lets you create groups, and displays a list of existing group names; the users who have been added to those groups; and the computers they are allowed to use (if the Enabled checkbox is checked).

A group named “Default” is created for you during the Splashtop Center installation (shown in the illustration below). If you have not yet created any other groups, then the new users you add will automatically be added to that group by default.

You can create as many groups as you want, for different purposes. 

Group Streamer allocation to users is provided randomly by Splashtop Center. If you add several computers to a group, then when multiple users attempt to connect remotely with their mobile devices, the connection will automatically be made randomly to a computer in the group which is not currently being remote-accessed. So if you have five users in the field, and five office computers (Streamers) in the group, then each person will be able to successfully connect to a computer in the office with his/her mobile device, even if they all want to connect at the same time.     



How to add Groups?


  1. Click the Add button of the Groups tab. The Add a New Group dialog box will open as shown below.
  2. In the Users tab, enter a name for the new group, and select the users that you want to have access to it, by checking the corresponding checkboxes.
  3. The Allow everyone to access option allows all users in the list to access the computers available in this group.group1_.PNG
  4. Click Computers to open the tab shown below. In this tab, you will need to select the computer(s) that you want to be part of this group by selecting the appropriate Allow checkbox(es). The selected computer(s) will be available to allowed members of the group for remote access.
  5. As indicated in the red message in the dialog box shown below, in order for a computer to be available to be shared by a group, its Streamer needs to be logged in to by the IT Administrator (Admin account). 


it is not necessary to have one Streamer available for each user.


If there is any problem with no computer assigned to group for share access, you will get diagnostic code "0x0020702" when running Diagnostic tool.

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