What if Splashtop Center license is expired?

If your Splashtop Center license should happen to expire someday, the behavior will be such that:

  • Once Splashtop Center has detected license expiration, it will automatically display the License tab of Settings. The license Status will be shown as “Product Expired.” At this point, all other tabs/pages of Splashtop Center will be disabled and cannot be accessed.


  • All Streamers and clients will return the message: “The subscription has expired. Please contact your IT department for further assistance.”


  • You will no longer be able to log in. If any users try to access the online customer portal at the Splashtop Center Web portal, it re-directs to a web page displaying a similar message:



If there is any problem with license expired, you will get a diagnostic code "00x00020101" when running Diagnostic tool.

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