How do I disable a user?

By default, when an individual user is added, the checkbox in the Enabled column is checked, in the Users tab.  Simply un-check the Enabled checkbox at any time to conveniently disable a user, and check the checkbox when ready to permit this user to use Splashtop Enterprise again.

Use this method if you just want to prevent someone from using Splashtop Center temporarily.  For example, perhaps a user is going on vacation for two weeks.

Additionally, the Enabled status has a direct relationship to the number of users allowed ("Seats"), as defined in the License Key.  If it is specified in the License Key to restrict the number of users, then the number of Enabled users can’t exceed the maximum user count.  For example, if your maximum number of users allowed is five, and you currently have four users in Enabled status and ten users in Disabled status, you still have one spot available to assign as Enabled status.  For your convenient reference, the total number of currently Enabled users is shown at the bottom of the Users tab, along with the Maximum allowed users according to your license agreement.

Therefore, another common reason for disabling a user is to "free up" a Seat.  For example, if your maximum number of Seats allowed is 25, and you currently have 25 Seats enabled, but you want to add a new user right now and allow him/her to use Splashtop Center immediately, you can simply disable one of the 25 current users so that one Seat will be available.  Then, when you add the new user, he/she will be enabled to use Splashtop Center.

Of course, if you want to prevent a user from using the Splashtop Center service permanently, you should use the Delete button for that user in the Users tab instead.



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