How do I install the SSL certificate onto my Android Tablet?

Using the Android tablet (4.0):
  1. Enter https://your_Splashtop_Center_URL:port/sslcert into the Browser app.
  2. A Security warning dialog prompt will open.  Proceed with Continue.
  3. Insert the file name for the certificate.
  4. If no lock screen PIN or password has been set on your tablet, a message will open and ask you to set it.  Press OK.
  5. Set a Pattern, Pin, or Password lock screen.  After setting it, the certificate is installed onto your tablet.

How to install a certificate from your Nexus 7 tablet's internal storage

  1. Get the certificate onto your computer from https://your_Splashtop_Center_URL:port/sslcert through the browser.
  2. Connect the tablet to the computer, and copy the certificate or key store from your computer to the root of internal storage.
  3. Tap Settings  》 Personal 》 SecurityCredential storageInstall from storage, then select the filename of the certificate.
  4. Enter the key store password if prompted, and then tap OK.
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