V3.5.0.0 Streamer for Enterprise (Windows)

Splashtop Streamer V3.5.0.0 is now ready for downloading. If you are concerned on the vulnerability CVE-2021-42712 “Splashtop Streamer creates a Temporary File in a Directory with Insecure Permissions”, please upgrade your Streamer to V3.5.0.0.


EXE version:

  • Download EXE installer
  • MD5: 7125a4a16869f51cc1a729c2d6b9fcdc
  • Description: The EXE installer is for direct installation or upgrade from the local machine.

PKG version:

  • Download PKG file
  • MD5: 5b5f41ba90d06496554be875a3e36bb4
  • Description: The PKG file is for updating the installer package in Splashtop Center. Go to Splashtop Center > Settings > Software update, and overwrite the existing Windows Streamer package.

MSI version:

  • Download MSI file
  • MD5: d66cd113b744f57d443d770239b738d1
  • Description: For mass deployment of Streamer V3.5.0.0 via MDM platform, please use the MSI installer.


Release Notes

  1. Bug fixes and security enhancements
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