Splashtop On-Prem Gateway v3.12.3

Splashtop Gateway (v3.12.3) is now officially available for download.  
For users who would like to perform an upgrade install, please refer to this article.
  • Supported Gateway upgrade install from v3.2.8 and v3.8.9, v3.8.12 to v3.12.3
  • Supported iOS SOS v3.4.6.2 (Compatible with Gateway v3.8.9 or higher) and iOS SRC v3.4.6.2
  • Packed new Linux Streamer v3.0.2.1 (Compatible with Gateway v3.8.9 or higher)
  • Packed latest endpoints software Suites, Android Streamer and SOS Suites
  • Supported Device Redirection (see instruction)
  • Supported Japanese and Korean language
  • Security improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Web session idle timeout changed to 30 minutes - User will be force logged out from Web console when idle time reaches 30 minutes.

Known issues: 

  • For Android users, please upgrade your Android Streamers to v3.5.6.9 before upgrade Splashtop Gateway to v3.12.3, this is to prevent Android Streamer from being logged out by a self-signed SSL certificate problem. (Users who use a CA-signed SSL certificate won't be impacted) 
  • Clicking the check for update button on Mac Streamer will cause Mac Streamer crash. 
  • See attached Setup Guide 
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