Splashtop SOS On-Prem for iOS

Splashtop iOS SOS On-Prem v3.4.6.2 is now on App Store!

What's new: 

  • SOS On-Prem app is compatible with Splashtop Gateway v3.8.9 or above.
  • Supported push Splashtop Gateway address from MDM configuration.
  • Localization: Add Korean and Traditional Chinese.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.


*** This app is for users with Splashtop On Prem. Please consult your IT admin. ***

Get remote support for your iPhone/iPad from your remote technician! Users can real-time screen share to remote technician with a Splashtop On Prem account. Technician will be able to provide assistance to guide the user. Session connection is securely protected using industry standard encryption.

For end user:
1. Download and launch SOS app on your mobile device
2. Share the session ID to your remote technician who has Splashtop On Prem account

For technician:
1.Make sure your Splashtop On Prem account has been enabled with SOS feature
2.Remote support end user from the Splashtop On-Pem app 

Download on the App Store


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