v2.4.0.24 Splashtop Center for Windows

Splashtop Gateway (v2.4.0.24) is now officially available for download. 

For users who would like to perform an upgrade install, please refer to this article.



New Feature:

  • None


  • fix deleting mac download package issue

  • use bigint for session time sum in sql server

  • fix DB timeout reconnection issue

  • return 503 instead of 404 on db error

  • add registry for srs hb interval

  • add registry to config backend cronjob

  • fix backup/restore ssl cert issue

  • replace sigar dll file in Relay server


* Please be noticed that servers use firewall, proxy, antivirus software or other programs that may not be able to contact the license activation server. In such a case, please use the offline activation method for license activation.

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