Splashtop Gateway v3.14.2

Splashtop Gateway (v3.14.2) is now officially available for download.  
For users who would like to perform an upgrade install, please refer to this article
Important: Gateway version lower than v3.8.x does NOT support direct upgrade to v3.14.2 
If your Splashtop Gateway stays at v3.0.3 or v3.2.8, please upgrade to v3.12.6 then to v3.14.2 
What's new:  
Gateway Setup Guide
  • For English, please download: Splashtop Gateway Setup Guide.pdf
  • For Simplified Chinese, please download: Splashtop On-Prem安装指南v2.pdf
  • For Traditional Chinese, please download: Splashtop On-Prem安裝指南v2.pdf

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