Splashtop Gateway v3.16.0

Splashtop Gateway (v3.16.0) is now officially available for download.  
For users who would like to perform an upgrade install, please refer to this article
- Gateway version lower than v3.8.x does NOT support direct upgrade to v3.16.0 
If your Splashtop Gateway stays at v3.0.3 or v3.2.8, please upgrade to v3.12.6 then to v3.16.0 
- For security reasons, Gateway v3.16.0 has permanently removed SSL 3DES ciphers. This will result in impacts on the connectivity between Gateway and Windows XP(sp3 or lower) computers. If Windows XP computers are still a hard requirement being your endpoint agents, please contact our support at support-onprem@splashtop.com
What's new:  
  • Supported Gateway direct upgrade install from v3.8.9, v3.8.12 , v3.12.3, v3.12.5, v3.12.6, v3.14.1 and v3.14.2 to 3.16.0
  • Upgraded Apache Log4j to v2.17.2
  • Supported SMTP server integration
  • Supported device and browser authentication 
  • Supported complex password policy and password expiration
  • Supported German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese language
  • Separated IP restriction list into web console and Client app lists
  • Optimized access permission UI experience.
  • Supported iOS SOS v3.4.6.2 (Compatible with Gateway v3.8.9 or higher) and iOS SRC v3.4.8.4
  • Packed Linux Streamer v3.0.4.0 (Compatible with Gateway v3.8.9 or higher)
  • Packed endpoints software Suites, Android Streamer and SOS Suites
  • Updated ToS and Privacy
  • Security improvements
  • Various bug fixes 
Gateway Setup Guide
  • For English, please download: Splashtop Gateway Setup Guide.pdf
  • For Simplified Chinese, please download: Splashtop On-Prem安装指南v2.pdf
  • For Traditional Chinese, please download: Splashtop On-Prem安裝指南v2.pdf
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