Screen capturing options

Starting with Splashtop Streamer v3.3.2.0 for Windows, there are a few screen capturing options available directly in the interface. Changing the screen capturing option may help issues such as black screens or distorted graphics. Note, if you change the capturing option during a remote session, you must disconnect and reconnect for the change to take effect.



Software capturing option makes use of a common Windows API to capture graphics, which is also the default capturing method used in Splashtop Streamers.


Also a Windows native API, but provides better resource control and performance. We would expect less CPU consumption and better user experience in remote sessions with hardware capturing method.

Please note it requires Splashtop Streamer to run in Windows 8 or later to work properly.

Nvidia Graphics

If the Streamer computer comes with an NVIDIA graphic card, this option is definitely recommended for optimized performance. With the aid of NVIDIA graphic card, it is possible to stream the graphics at higher frame rate, higher resolution and lower latency, which is especially useful when watching videos or playing games remotely.

This requires an Nvidia graphics and a supported driver with the remote computers to work. You will not see the Nvidia capturing method as an option if the computer does not have an Nvidia card/supported driver.

Mirror driver

When the mirror driver is installed, Splashtop streamer uses a different way to capture the screen. This has proven to help with slow screen refresh and high CPU usage issue on a Windows computer, and other few issues. More details could be found in the article.


Changing Screen Capturing Options via Registry

For earlier version of Streamer where options for screen capturing are not available in settings, you can still switch between different screen capturing methods by modifying the registry.

Open registry editor in Streamer machine, and drill down to:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Server (for Business)
CaptureMode defines the screen capturing option with a DWORD value:
"CaptureMode"=DWORD:00000001, Software
"CaptureMode"=DWORD:00000002, Hardware
"CaptureMode"=DWORD:00000003, NVIDIA
"CaptureMode"=DWORD:00000004, Mirror Driver

Please note that if Nvidia is not found or mirror driver is not installed in the machine, the corresponding screen capturing option will not work even the registry key is changed.




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