Why I can't control the Android device?

Most Android devices support Splashtop Streamer for On-Prem as long as its Android system is 5.0 and up.  You should be able to remote into the Android device and view the Android screen on live. Remote control of the Android device is available for certain Android platforms.   

For remote control support, you need to install a device specific add-on together with Splashtop Streamer for On-Prem app to make it work.  Search for "Splashtop add-on" on play store to find these supported platforms and devices: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=splashtop+add-on

Here is the list of these supported devices/manufacturers: 


We are working hard to expand the support list, and this page will be regularly updated. 

If you are a solution provider, such as, MDM, Helpdesk, MSP, Manufacturer and would like to enable remote control capability, please contact us

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