How much bandwidth will a remote session consume?

The data consumption of a remote session varies largely depending on

  • the resolution of the remote session,
  • the frame rate chosen on the On-Prem app side,
  • the complexity of the screen contents and
  • the dynamics of the screen contents.

Therefore, playing a video at the Streamer computer will consume much more data than general office work, given the same resolution and frame rate.

There are three levels of frame rate available at the the Client app UI:

High frame rate: 30 fps

Medium frame rate: 15 fps

Low frame rate: 8 fps

Take the table below as benchmark where a video is being played at 1024 x 768 resolution at the Streamer computer, and you can roughly estimate how much bandwidth your remote session consumes.


Framerate (fps) Resolution Network (KB/s)
30 1024 x 768 200-400
15 1024 x 768 100-200
8 1024 x 768 50-120


For estimation purpose, office work over remote session uses about 1/3 data traffic of video streaming.

The bandwidth required for remote office work with 1080P resolution and 30fps can be approximated as follow:

bandwidth lower bound = 1920 * 1080 / 1024 / 768 * 200 * (1/3) = 176 KB/s

bandwidth upper bound = 1920 * 1080 / 1024 / 768 * 200  * (1/3)= 352 KB/s

which translates to 1.4 - 2.8 Mbps (Note: 1 KB = 8 Kb)


In case you have limited bandwidth for the remote session, you can optimize the performance by:

  • setting the remote computer to be solid background, on Splashtop On-Prem app's toolbar, there is an option to enable this during your remote session
  • setting the resolution to be lower during your remote session, in the Splashtop On-Prem app's gear button, there is resolution option for this purpose
  • setting the frame rate to medium or low
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