What are the differences between unattended support and attended support?


Splashtop On-Prem provides two types of remote support based on usage scenario: unattended support and attended support

  • Unattended support: In this support scenario, technicians are allowed to remote support the managed computers without remote user's interactions.
  • Attended support: In this support scenario, your technicians can quickly support your users without a pre-deployed agent running on the user's computers. This is as known as On-Demand Support, or SOS

Here is the table to explain the differences between unattended support and attended support. 

Features Unattended Support Attended Support
Agent on remote computer Splashtop Streamer needs to be deployed on the remote computer Run Splashtop SOS to start an on-demand support, no installation needed
Admin privilege Streamer runs as system service, so, it has admin privilege Admin privilege can be elevated pre-session or during the session
Connection Technician clicks the pre-assigned computer to remote to Technician inputs the session code to connect to
Session life time Any time as long as the computer is running and Streamer has been connected to Gateway During the SOS running, close SOS app will end the support session
Pre-session features

Off-session file transfer
Off-session chat
Off-session remote command
OS logged in user
View computer status
Normal reboot
Safe mode reboot
Remote wake (WoL)

Normal reboot
Safe mode reboot

Platform Windows, Mac, Android, Linux  Windows, Mac, Android , iOS , Linux (coming soon)
Technician app Splashtop On-Prem
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