Splashtop Enterprise app for Mac v3.4.0.1

What’s New in Splashtop

  • New Feature: Switch between computer users in a SOS session without reconnecting (for users of Splashtop SOS).
  • New Feature: Improved remote reboot in a SOS session – You can log into the Windows computer after reboot without entering credentials again (for users of Splashtop SOS).
  • Improvement: Enhance print quality/compatibility with remote Windows computers.
  • Improvement: Audio playback has been enhanced, including better audio/video synchronization and playback from multiple connections.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Note: For the new features, it is required to update Splashtop Streamer/Splashtop SOS Agent to version or later.  


PKG File Download link

MD5: c94dd21280cacccf88cef621a8d8a347

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