Why do I see black/white screen when remote controlling Samsung device?

Some of our customers report that when remote controlling Samsung devices with Splashtop SOS or Splashtop Streamer running, there are chances that screen capture does not work well. 

With the following information, hope it will work, please file support ticket if you still have issues. 


  • On some Samsung device with elder Knox version, the captured screen might be distorted/broken.
  • On some Samsung device, when rotating the device, fail to capture the screen, on the technician side, black/white screen or only a partial of screen is captured, or the screen is frozen.
  • In Work Profile, fail to capture the screen, technician sees black screen. 



In Splashtop Add-On: Samsung (Knox) 3.4.8 and up, a new capture option added, which will use system's screen capture instead of Knox screen capture, it helps a lot to solve the screen capture issues. 

Notice, you need to update Splashtop SOS and Splashtop Streamer to the following version or up to support the new capture option: 



  1. In Splashtop Add-On: Samsung app, go to app's settings
  2. Check the box of screen capture


    3. Reconnect to the device, when you first time connect to the device, system will prompt screen capture permission info, you need to click Start now to allow app to capture the screen





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