V3.4.4.0 Streamer for Enterprise (Windows)

Splashtop Streamer V3.4.4.0 is now ready for downloading. If the blank screen feature is important to you and your Streamer PC is running in Windows 10 Build 2004 or Build 20H2, you are recommended to upgrade your Windows Streamer to V3.4.4.0.


EXE version:

  • Download EXE installer
  • MD5: 6e9cbab38cf8db21dd6f4e6a2d3f290c
  • Description: The EXE installer is for direct installation or upgrade from the local machine.

PKG version:

  • Download PKG file
  • MD5: 12afdf28304329b569e01be84ffe0cf7
  • Description: The PKG file is for updating the installer package in Splashtop Center. Go to Splashtop Center > Settings > Software update, and overwrite the existing Windows Streamer package.

MSI version:

  • Download MSI file
  • MD5: 0216b480962773d05f8c181da7a05d12
  • Description: For mass deployment of Streamer V3.4.4.0 via MDM platform, please use the MSI installer.


Release Notes

  1. Introduce new blank screen method to support Windows 10 build 2004/20H2
  2. Various bug fixes
  3. Security enhancements and stability improvements
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