Splashtop On-Prem app (PKG) for Android v3.5.8.8

What's new in Android On-Prem app v3.5.8.8

  • Support Single Sign-On
  • Support searching computers by IP (WAN/LAN) in the computer list.
  • Support VNC connections with Splashtop Connector. (Requires Connector v1.1.6.2)
  • Other optimizations and big fixes


  • Gateway: 3.16.x, 3.18.x, 3.20.x and 3.24.x


  • Please upload the PKG File to your Gateway Server: Download link
  • MD5: 17d0b6a3d4f68202b78e1e2a74aa830a
  • Google Play StoreDownload link
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