How to use Open API

Open API is a new feature that allows you to access data and manage your user accounts and computers. You can also use the Open API to develop apps that integrate Splashtop On-Prem functionality into your own corporate environment. Please follow the below instructions to apply for an Open API application for your team.

For more details, please refer to the API reference.


  • Splashtop Gateway v3.24.0 or higher
  • Open API is enabled in your license

Configuration Flow

1. Make sure that Open API in your license is enabled. If you have any questions, please contact sales for more information.

2. Log in to your Gateway with the Team Owner’s credential.

3. Go to Management > Team Settings > API, and Click Add API application button on API Settings page.

4. Enter API Application Name and configure the API permission (read or write), then click Add button.

  • Name, API application name for display purposes.
  • Permission, set the API permission for the API application.
    • Management, when this item is enabled, allows you to use user/access permission/computer/group/schedule/security-related API
    • Attended Support (Requires Gateway v3.28.0), when this item is enabled, allows you to use psa-related API.
    • Read, when this item is enabled, allows you to use GET API.
    • Write, when this item is enabled, allows you to use GET/PATCH/POST/PUT/DELETE API.
  • Expiration Date (Requires Gateway v3.28.0), set the expiration date for your API application. When the API application expires, APIs initiated from this API application will be blocked.
  • Status, enable the API application to use Open API.

5. Click Copy or Save as .txt to save Client ID and Client Secret in a secure place, then click OK.

API Introduction

The API uses OAuth 2.0 and REST-based for authentication and JSON for data communication.

API Rate limit

Each API has a limit of 200 calls per minute. 

API Documentation

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