Splashtop Streamer version for Mac (includes SOS version

This release is a major update for new features, security / stability improvements and various bug fixes. For On-Prem apps (the viewer), see Windows On-Prem app v3.5.8.3 and Mac On-Prem app v3.5.8.3 release announcements. 

  • Compatible with Gateway v3.16.0 or higher.
  • Computer naming. Add a option "Keep the name in sync with OS hostname".
  • Device redirection. Support connecting to/from Windows&Mac.
  • Preference policy. Support managing streamer settings.
  • Supported software updates.
  • SOS improvements. Support screen reader software to read out SOS code and image buttons.
  • Security improvements. 
  • Various bug fixes.

Please upload the PKG Files to your Gateway Server:

        MD5: df2747e5de60ecf1e648a256474d3b7e

        MD5: 0a95e9c2495659f14ed6a1625fac6571

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