Splashtop Gateway v3.26.5

Splashtop Gateway v3.26.5 is now officially available for download.  
For users need to perform an upgrade install, please refer to this upgrade guide
Upgrade Versioning:
  • Gateway versions lower than v3.18.0 do NOT support direct upgrade to v3.26.5
  • If your Splashtop Gateway stays at v3.16.x, please upgrade to v3.24.4 and continue upgrade to v3.26.5
  • If your Splashtop Gateway is lower than v3.14.x, please refer to the upgrade best practice

Important: Upgrade Gateway behavior changes

  • After upgrade your Splashtop Gateway to v3.26.5, all previous client app/Streamer (pre-packaged with Gateway) version lower than v3.5.8.3, will be removed and replaced by v3.5.8.3 (already installed ones won't be affected). The server will maintain only to the latest software suite at a given version. 

For example, after an upgrade of Gateway from v3.20.x to v3.26.5, the v3.5.2.x packed in the  Gateway v3.20.x will be replaced by v3.5.8.x in v3.26.5.

 Below are the default endpoints version pre-packaged in the last 4 major releases of Splashtop Gateway.

 Gateway v3.16.x -> Default Endpoints v3.4.8.x

 Gateway v3.18.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.0.x

 Gateway v3.20.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.2.x

 Gateway v3.24.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.8.x 

Gateway v3.26.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.8.x 

  • Endpoints PKG compatibility
    • Gateway v3.24.4 or higher will NOT load PKG lower than v3.5.8.x
    • Gateway lower than v3.24.4 cannot load PKG v3.5.8.x or higher
  • When back up your Splashtop Gateway v3.26.5, the endpoints will no longer to be included in the backup file. As Splashtop continues to introduce new compatible platforms for the upmost cross-platform expericence, the maintenance process should not be comprised by the ever increasing package size.



  • Gateway v3.26.5 addresses the rare instances of upgrade failures reported in v3.26.1, ensuring a smoother transition for all users. Those currently on v3.26.1 can confidently remain on this version as it continues to be secure and stable.
  • For security reasons, Splashtop has permanently removed SSL 3DES ciphers since Gateway v3.16.0. This will result in impacts on the connectivity between Gateway and Windows XP(sp3 or lower) computers. If Windows XP computers are still a hard requirement being your endpoint agents, please contact our support at support-onprem@splashtop.com
What's new:  
  • Supported Gateway direct upgrade install from v3.18.x, v3.20.x and 3.24.4 to v3.26.5
  • Supported Centralized Sesson Recording (Beta)*
  • Supported adjustment of device/browser authentication request timeout values 
  • Supported retrieve more computer properties via Open API*
  • Web UI improvments
  • Packed endpoints software v3.5.8.x Suites, Android Streamer and SOS v3.6.0.29 Suites (compatible with Gateway v3.16.0 or higher)
  • Packed Linux Streamer v3.5.8.0 (compatible with Gateway v3.16.0 or higher)
  • Supported Linux Client app v3.5.8.1 (Beta) (compatible with Gateway v3.24.x or higher)
  • Supported iOS SOS v3.5.8.5 and iOS Client app v3.5.8.5 (compatible with Gateway v3.16.0 or higher)
  • Compatible with Splashtop Connector v1.1.6.2 for On-Prem
  • Support disable remote control in granular control
  • Supported German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese language
  • Security improvements
  • Various bug fixes 

* Based on your license privileges


Gateway Setup Guide
  • Splashtop Gateway Setup Guide.pdf (English)
  • Splashtop On-Prem安装指南v2.pdf (Simplified Chinese)
  • Splashtop On-Prem安裝指南v2.pdf (Traditional Chinese)
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