Splashtop Streamer version for Windows (includes SOS version

This release is a major update for new features, security / stability improvements and various bug fixes. For On-Prem apps (the viewer), see Windows On-Prem app v3.6.8.0 and Mac On-Prem app v3.6.8.0 release announcements. 

  • Compatible with Gateway v3.20.0 or higher.
  • Support Granular Control for Remote Control/View only.
  • Copy-Paste: Support copy-paste with rich data format and increase the data size to 100 MB.
    • Includes RTF, HTML, images
  • Support enable FPS Turbo (up to 240FPS).
  • Preference policy: sync Streamer name rule improvements. 
  • Support virtual display.
  • Security code: allowed character set is expanded.
  • SOS improvements.
  • Security improvements. 
  • Various bug fixes.
*Please note that the version has ended support for Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2008.


PKG Download

Please upload the PKG File to your Gateway Server* (v3.24.x or higher) to allow users deploy from your Gateway web console. 

Windows v3.6.8.x PKGs do not support upload to Gateway v3.20.x. Please upgrade your Gateway to the latest instead.

        MD5: 53421928258d8cfbe00ad267964b45c2

        MD5: c83b9d327daf242398e143a5623d42da

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