Enable / Disable notification

A Splashtop On-Prem Team Owner can publish a system notification from the Notification page, in order to notify the users if there is an expected downtime due to system maintenance, or if any update on the endpoints is available.

The Notification page is available for a Team Owner account at Splashtop Gateway > System > Notification

To publish a notification, firstly check the Enable box.

Type the notification content in the blank space below and set an End Time when the notification will stop being seen by the users.

Note: System Notification is in UTC Time. Please calculate time difference before publish notification.



Take a notification as below for example:


This notification will be displayed at the right top corner of the Gateway page with a yellow exclamation mark. Hovering over the mark, the notification will be displayed.


This notification also can be seen at any active On-Prem app (click blue exclamation at bottom to see more) or Streamer from current enabled time to the End Time, i.e. 4:30 AM on the 24th Dec 2020.



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