How to change network port?

You can change the network port the Splashtop Gateway serving, it's quite easy. 

Log in to Gateway's management console with the system admin, go to System > Network, the Port section shows the port that Gateway is currently serving, click Change Port will allow user to input a new port and apply. 



1. Changing port will automatically restart Gateway service, it needs like one minute to be ready again. 

2. If you already have Streamer deployed or On-Prem client app logged in, these Streamers and On-Prem client apps will be logged off, due to the port change, you need to specify the correct IP:Port in the Streamer and On-Prem client side to log into the Gateway again. 443 is the default port, which can be ignored. 


(Input IP:Port in the Gateway field to deploy)


(Input IP:Port in the Gateway field to login)

3. As a general practice, we would suggest you, as the IT admin, need to make sure the port you would like to change to is not occupied, you can use Windows built-in resmon utility to check. From Windows search, type resmon, run resmon tool, go to Network, expand Listening Port, and check there is no other software listening on the chosen port. 



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