Connection pool

Connection pool allows user to connect to the remote computer by just clicking the Connect button under the group section, rather than expanding the group and select one particular computer to connect, which provides convenience when user don't need to care which computer it will connect to, like the following scenarios: When connecting to a RDS server through Splashtop Connector, Splashtop Connector will fork virtual computers per the profile's pool size definition. 

Connection pool works not only with RDS setup, but also physical computers setup, as long as the group is enabled as connection pool, Gateway will regard all the computers inside the group as the pool. 


Steps to setup Connection pool: 

1. When you creating a group in Management -> Grouping -> Add Group , you can check Set the group as connection pool option.


For existing group, you can click the gear button in the group list, choose "Edit group" and enable the option. 


2. And then on user's On-Prem client app, there will be Connect button appear under the group, user can click Connect to connect a Gateway assigned computer



Notice: Please enable Allow members to see groups option in Team Settings to make sure user can see the group. (Management -> Team Settings)



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