How to fix "The feature is currently unavailable." error message


Encountering the error message "The feature is currently unavailable" can be attributed to two potential reasons:

  1. The feature may have been intentionally disabled by your team administrator in Team Settings. To gain a better understanding and potentially enable the feature, it is advisable to contact your team admin. The feature's deactivation could be in adherence to company policies or other relevant considerations.

  2. Another possibility is that the streamer operating on the remote computer is outdated, thereby lacking support for the specific feature you are attempting to use. In order to address this matter, we recommend updating the streamer to its latest version. Doing so should rectify the issue and allow you to utilize the feature seamlessly.
    Refer to this support article on How to update your streamer. 


Still unable to resolve your issue after following the workaround below? Open a support ticket and let our support team troubleshoot for you.  

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