Software Updates

1. Introduction

Splashtop Gateway (v3.24.0 or higher) server initiated update involves a built-in update repository loaded with the latest Splashtop endpoints software and also controls the distribution and deployment of software updates to your client devices (Windows, Mac and Linux) based on customized schedule. This architecture facilitates a centralized management and deployment of updates, offering flexible control and better security to meet your special maintenance needs.

2. Requirements 

  • Splashtop Gateway v3.24.0 or higher
  • Splashtop Streamer and On-Prem Client app v3.5.8.3 or higher.
    • v3.5.8.3 is the default version for Windows and Mac endpoints that packed into Gateway v3.24.0
    • v3.5.8.3 serves the first "upgrade from" version. Endpoints software version lower than v3.5.8.3 does NOT support upgrades.

Important: Upgrade Gateway behavior changes

1. After upgrade your Splashtop Gateway to v3.24.0, all previous client app/Streamer version lower than v3.5.8.3 will be removed and replaced by v3.5.8.3. The server will maintain only to the latest software suite at a given version. 

 For example, after an upgrade of Gateway from v3.20.x to v3.24.0, the v3.5.2.x packed in the  Gateway v3.20.x will be replaced by v3.5.8.x in v3.24.0.

 Below are the default endpoints version in the last 4 major releases of Splashtop Gateway.

 Gateway v3.16.x -> Default Endpoints v3.4.8.x

 Gateway v3.18.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.0.x

 Gateway v3.20.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.2.x

 Gateway v3.24.x -> Default Endpoints v3.5.8.x


2. When back up your Splashtop Gateway v3.24.0, the endpoints will no longer to be included in the backup file. As Splashtop continues to introduce new compatible platforms for the upmost cross-platform experience, the maintenance process should not be comprised by the ever increasing package size.


3. Endpoints software feature scope

Splashtop On-Prem Client

Platform Supported Since
Windows  v3.5.8.3 (Supports check for updates manually or automatically)
macOS  v3.5.8.3 (Supports check for updates manually or automatically)
Android  Not supported. (Get new apps from Google Play)
iOS  Not supported. (Get new apps from App Store)
Linux  Not supported. 


Splashtop Streamer

Platform Supported Since
Windows  v3.5.8.3 (Supports silent update and check for updates)
macOS  v3.5.8.3 (Supports silent update and check for updates)
Android  Not supported. (Get new apps from Google Play)
Linux  v3.5.8.3 (Supports silent update and check for updates)


* Splashtop SOS does NOT support updates from Splashtop Gateway.


4. Update Management

Auto Updates

In the unattended scenario, Streamer auto update can be managed from Splashtop Gateway web console.

1. Log in as Owner and navigate to Management > Team Settings


2. In Computers section, find Enable auto update Streamers, open Detailed Settings.

3. Staging and full-fledged updates

Apply the updates to - All computers

- Select this option if you plan to upgrade all of your deployed Streamers in one attempt.

Apply the updates to - Only specific computers and computer groups

- Select this option to validate the functionality of Streamer upgrades in your company environment by limit the upgrade scope to a selected group of computers. 

We highly recommend all users start with partial updates first as a staging process before eventually apply the upgrades to all computers, especially in the scenario where large number of Streamers had been deployed.

4. Update Schedule 

Start Time

- Schedule a proper date to start your update event. Note there is no end time to the auto-update, meaning the update event will be always happening (if a lower version was detected) when enabled. 

Repeat Interval

- Determines the update interval. There will be no update events out of the scheduled interval. 

It is suggested to schedule the update interval during non-working hours.


Manual Updates

1. Splashtop On-Prem Client app

Log in to your Client app

Mac: Splashtop On-Prem > Check for Updates

Windows: File > Check for Updates

Note: Client apps can only get updated manually by Check for Updates.


2. Splashtop Streamer: About > Check for Updates

Note: Streamer updates by clicking "Check for Updates" will need user interaction to complete the whole update process. This update event is irrelevant to "auto-update Streamer interval".




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