Create user accounts

[ Gateway v1.1.9 or up]

Users management is in https://{gateway} > Management > Users




Field Meaning
Account This is the user's login account, it's unique in the system. 
Password Minimum 6 characters.
Request change password when next login With this option, when user log-in to the system, he/she will be required to change the password.
Enable User

If an account is enabled, he/she can establish remote session, if the account is disabled, he/she can still access the web portal, but remote session is disabled.

Group User can be grouped into different groups, grouping is efficient in users management / access permissions.

There are two types of roles in the system: 
Admin: An admin can manage the users, computers, grant access permissions etc. Admins can have remote sessions too.

Member: A member can only have remote sessions with the computers with access permission granted. 

SOS Technician* If SOS service is included in your subscription, you can enable SOS capability when create a user to have on-demand support available.
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