Create user accounts

[ Gateway v1.1.9 or up]

Users management is in https://{gateway} > Management > Users



Create local account


Field Meaning
Account This is the user's login account, it's unique in the system. 
Password Minimum 6 characters.
Request change password when next login With this option, when user log-in to the system, he/she will be required to change the password.
Enable User

If an account is enabled, he/she can establish remote session, if the account is disabled, he/she can still access the web portal, but remote session is disabled.

Group User can be grouped into different groups, grouping is efficient in users management / access permissions.

There are two types of roles in the system: 
Admin: An admin can manage the users, computers, grant access permissions etc. Admins can have remote sessions too.

Member: A member can only have remote sessions with the computers with access permission granted. 

SOS Technician* If SOS service is included in your subscription, you can enable SOS capability when create a user to have on-demand support available.


Add AD account

Once an AD server has been successfully authenticated, it would appear to AD server list in System- Active Directory tab. Now navigate to Management tab – Users, click on Add AD User button on the top. 

  • Type: By selecting AD user, an AD individual user will be authenticated and added to Splashtop Gateway. Selecting AD group allows bulk authenticationof its AD group members. (group members will have to login to Gateway Web portal first then displayed in the user list )
  • AD Server: Select the AD server which contains the target AD user or group.
  • Account: Fill up the sAMaccountName@ADDomainName (local AD domain name)of target AD user or group.
  • Group: Chose the initial Splashtop group an AD user or AD group will fall into once added.
  • Role: Chose Admin or Member to assign different access permission tailored to needs.
  • *SOS Technician: Enable SOS on demand support capability.  (*Based on subscription plan)
  • Verify: Check the availability of an AD user or group for authentication.
  • OK: Add a validated AD user or group to the target group.


Add AD group members

Green user icon represents AD users or AD groups. If an AD group has been added to Splashtop Gateway, meaning its associated AD members have already been authenticated and able to log into Splashtop Gateway as well as On-Prem client application.

The AD users in AD Group Members will be showed up in AD Group Members after log into Gateway portal or client application with his/her AD account at least once. By contrast, an AD individual user added to Gateway will be displayed and modified property immediately.

Note: An AD account authenticated via its parent AD Group would inherit the user role and access permission of that group.

All successfully authenticated AD users can login On-Prem client application with their AD credentials and start to use Splashtop remote service.

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