How do I set up the computers that I want to access remotely?

On the computers that you'd like to connect to, the Splashtop Streamer must be installed. This can be done in 4 easy steps.

1. Create a deployment package on https://{gateway} > Management > Deployment. A deployment package consists of a deployment streamer and a unique 12-digit code.



2. Select  d3.pngfor the package that was just created.


3. Have your users install the streamer. You can send the deployment package link to your users. By following the link, your users can download the streamer installer and run the file. You can also send the streamer installer file directly to your users (via Dropbox, email, etc.).


Or install the streamer yourself. Streamer installation on Windows or Mac computers can be done silently via command line executable or MSI. This is the easiest way to automatically deploy to a large number of computers if you have an RMM tool, Microsoft SCCM, or Microsoft Group Policy.

4. Activate the Streamer with the deploy code. Once the Streamer is installed, input the {Gateway IP/FDQN:Port} in the Gateway field and Deploy code in the Code field, and click Allow Access to activate. 

Port 443 is default, so you can ignore when inputting the Gateway. 



Team admin can further configure the Streamer's access permission on the management console. 

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