What are those deploy options?

You can specify deploy options when creating the deployment package. Here explains the meaning of these options. 


Specify a friendly name for the deploy package for convenience. 



Select a set of Streamer setting policies that you would like your Streamers to follow when deployed. 

Go to Preference Policy for more details.



Specify how the computer will be named and displayed on the management console and also on the client app side. 



Specify which group the computer should be belong to, Group provides a way to organize the computers and grant access permissions in convenience. 



Specify the session idle time to disconnect. 



Specify if the Streamer tray icon should be hidden from user's system tray (Windows/Mac). 


Specify if user needs to input Windows/Mac login credential for the connection. 



Specify the user's rule on permission when connection comes in. 



Specify if the screen should be locked when disconnect. 



Specify if keyboard and mouse should be locked when in a remote session. 



Specify if the Streamer settings page should be locked with Splashtop admin credential, it's the way to prevent user to change the setting by own. 



Specify whether the audio should be redirected to the client side. 

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