Splashtop Remote Printer does not show in the printer list.

After enabling remote print, a printer called "Splashtop Remote Printer" should show up in the computer's list of printers, when you access that computer remotely. Note: the printer does not show up in the list unless a remote session is established.

On some computers, this doesn't happen because the printer driver installation failed due to a permissions issue.  The permissions issue may also cause Windows to repeatedly pop up a print-related error window.

The workaround is to install the printer driver manually from an admin-level command prompt.

  1. Open a command prompt with admin privilege.
  2. Navigate to the directory 

    \Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server\Driver\STPrinter\

  3. Run the uninstallation batch file (uninstall_driver.bat for 32-bit, uninstall_driver64.bat for 64-bit).
  4. Run the installation batch file (install_driver.bat for 32-bit, install_driver64.bat for 64-bit).
  5. Disconnect the remote session (if you're doing this remotely) and re-connect. Remote print should be working now.

If the printer is still not showing in the printer list:

  1. Repeat steps 1-2 above.
  2. Run the printer mount file (p_mount.bat)
  3. This should help mount the printer in the list.
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