Quick introduction to attended support (SOS)

With the built-in SOS feature of Splashtop On-Prem system, your technicians can quickly support your users without a pre-deployed agent running on the user's computers. This is the attended support scenario. 


  1. Splashtop Gateway 3.2.4 or higher
  2. The license has privilege on attended support

Usage flow

The support process is as intuitive and simple as:

  1. Technician sends a support instruction to user who needs help
  2. User downloads a small executable on the target computer per the instruction, no installation needed, run and get a 9-digit session code, tell the technician the session code
  3. Technician can connect to the user's computer for remote support

Rich Features

There are sufficient features included in SOS to help technicians to provide supports to users:

  • No installation needed at user side
  • High performance streaming quality
  • Run as normal user and privilege elevation
  • File transfer (drag&drop)
  • Multi monitor support
  • Chat
  • Two technicians remote into one computer
  • Remote reboot
  • Session recording
  • and more

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