Quick introduction to remote access

Splashtop On-Prem provides remote access to users, with remote access, users can remote access their computers. 

Remote access needs an agent, Splashtop Streamer, pre-deployed on the devices need to be accessed remotely. 


  1. Splashtop Gateway 1.0.3 or higher
  2. The license has privilege on remote access

Usage flow

  1. Admin creates users, users can be assigned to groups
  2. Admin create deploy packages in Gateway's management console, which ties the Splashtop Streamer's deploy configuration
  3. Deploy the Streamer to the devices, admin can do this through one by one on the devices, or through tools and command line to mass deploy the Streamer, or instruct the user to install and activate the Streamer
  4. Admin assign Streamer access permissions to users/groups
  5. Users run the Splashtop On-Prem, and will be able to see the assigned devices to remote to, he/she can remote to the devices at any time, additional authentications can be set to full fill different security needs

Rich Features

There are sufficient features included to help users for remote accessing their computers:

  • High performance streaming quality
  • Run as admin and process UAC operations
  • File transfer (drag & drop)
  • Multi monitor support
  • Remote reboot
  • Session recording
  • Remote command
  • Remote print
  • Streamer status (activity, logged-in user, ...)
  • and more


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