Splashtop Enterprise is now renamed to Splashtop On-Prem

Dear Splashtop Customers and Partners,

We are pleased to announce that our on-premise solution Splashtop Enterprise (abbr. STE)  is officially renamed to Splashtop On-Prem. The name change allows Splashtop to paint a discernable product roadmap and helps the customers to quickly identify the most appropriate product with minimum confusion. 

Along with the platform, the following components will also be renamed accordingly:

Splashtop Enterprise Gateway -> Splashtop Gateway

Splashtop Enterprise Streamer -> Splashtop Streamer

Splashtop Enterprise client app (including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) -> Splashtop On-Prem client app

SOS Enterprise -> SOS On-Prem

Committed to delivering the best value remote access and support solutions, Splashtop has evolved two major product lines over the years - cloud-based solution and on-premise solution. The cloud-based solution, known as Splashtop Business, including products such as Business Access, Remote Support and SOS, was originally designed to serve small and medium businesses, while the on-premise solution, known as Splashtop Enterprise, was for large enterprises.

As our products are chosen by more and more customers from various industries, it turns out the demand for cloud-based products is also strong from large scaled enterprises, and on-premise solution is equally welcomed by small and medium sized companies. We feel it may be necessary to market our product based on the actual requirements, rather than the size of our customers.

Hence, we are detaching the conventional name "Splashtop Enterprise" from our on-premise solution, and replacing it with "Splashtop On-Prem". 

Besides the product itself, the name change also impacts the following items:

Product page: https://www.splashtop.com/on-prem

Product support portal: https://support-splashtoponprem.splashtop.com/

Product support email: support-onprem@splashtop.com

The renamed Splashtop Gateway and endpoints will be available soon. Existing customers can choose a direct upgrade from earlier version of Splashtop Enterprise (e.g. 3.2.4, 3.2.8 etc). A drawback of direct upgrade is the installation directory and the registry folder would remain the same as before, while a fresh installation would replace "Enterprise" with "On-Prem" in the paths. This will not affect the use of the product any way.



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