Show RDS pool as a single entry

In the Splashtop Connector, RDS streamers can be set to show as an RDS pool. You can enable this option in the RDP settings


  • On-Prem Connector version or higher
  • On-Prem Client app version or higher
  • Splashtop Gateway v3.24.0 or higher

How to enable Show as RDS pool?

1. Open your Splashtop Connector, and click Add or Edit to configure your RDP profile.

2. Go to RDP Settings, click RDS as the Mode and set the Pool Size, then check Show as RDS pool.

3. Configure other settings, then click Save.

How to manage or access an RDS pool

Show RDS streamers as an RDS pool in Gateway

  • When you change the group of the RDS pool, the whole RDS streamers belonging to this RDS profile will be moved to the target group.
  • When you remove the computer, it will remove all RDS streamers belonging to this particular profile.

Show RDS streamers as an RDS pool in On-Prem Client

  • When you try to connect to the RDS pool, the backend will allocate an RDS Streamer belonging to this RDS resource to the client.

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