Bulk import SSO users

After you set up an SSO method on your Gateway and confirm that you can log in successfully, now you can import your users using a CSV file. 


  • Splashtop Gateway v3.24.0 or higher

Working Flow

1. Set up your SSO method. (Instruction)

2. Create a user with the created SSO method (Instruction) or associate an existing user with the created SSO method (Instruction).

3. Test login using the above user.

4. For your created SSO method, start to import users using a CSV file.

Import SSO users

Go to Management tab – Users, click on Import button on the top, then select SSO Users

  • Select CSV file: Upload the CSV file with the AD user list.
  • Download CSV file template: Import AD users using the CSV file template.
  • Enable email notification: if you are configured an SMTP server. Enable this item, then users can receive the notification email.
  • Authentication: Select the SSO method you would like to associate.
  • Enable users: If this item is enabled, users can establish a remote session. Otherwise, the remote session is disabled.
  • Enable web access: If this item is enabled, users can access the web portal. Otherwise, web access will be denied.
  • Group: Users can be grouped into different groups, grouping is efficient in users management/ access permissions.
  • SOS Technician: Enable SOS-On Demand support capability.  
  • Import: Import the SSO users in a CSV file to the target group. 

Imported report

After the user import is completed, Admin or Owner can view the import results and download the imported report.


  1. It is only CSV file format supported.
  2. The data in the file has to follow the standard layout. You can download the example.csv below to check the layout/format.
  3. You cannot start importing another CSV file until the current import has been completed.
  4. All successfully imported users will be given the member role.
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